Vehicles Needed


4×4 vehicles are crucial for front line areas in Ukraine, where the terrain can be challenging and road conditions may be poor. These vehicles have better traction and can navigate difficult terrain such as muddy or snowy roads, making them ideal for transporting injured individuals to medical facilities, as well as delivering vital supplies to those in need. In addition, 4×4 vehicles can be less noticeable than ambulances, which is essential when working in dangerous conflict zones where hostile forces may target or attack aid workers


By providing more ambulances to Ukraine, we can help ensure that people in need of emergency medical care can receive it quickly and efficiently, improving their chances of survival and long-term recovery.
The lack of ambulances means that people who are injured or in need of emergency medical attention may not receive the care they need in a timely manner, which can have severe and lasting consequences.

Fire Engines

The ongoing conflict has created additional risks, such as the use of explosive devices and the destruction of infrastructure, which has resulted in a higher likelihood of fires starting and spreading quickly. The current firefighting services in Ukraine are often under-resourced, with many fire stations operating with outdated equipment and insufficient staff. This means that when fires do break out, they can be difficult to contain and often result in significant damage to property and, in some cases, loss of life. By providing more fire engines to Ukraine, we can help improve the country’s firefighting capabilities and enhance the safety of those living in conflict-affected areas.