Trip 4

November 2023


Trip 4 comprised 6 ambulances from donors around Ireland and one minibus donated by Joe O Neill from Paulstown Kilkenny. All vehicles were loaded with medical aid again from many donors with one full pulled donated by Promed in Kerry. The run started in Kilkenny catching the Dublin Holyhead ferry and heading south through Britain to catch the Dover Calais ferry. From Calais we travelled north past Dunkirk and Bruges skirting Antwerp and Dortmund and rounding North of Hanover, Magdeburg and keeping South of Berlin for a long stretch past Wroclaw and Krakow heading for the EU/Ukraine border post at Krakovets. From there hooking South of Lviv. Ternopil and Vinnytsia to our final destination and the handover to medical units in the city of Uman in Central Ukraine. We travelled to Kyiv and finally boarded a bus for the long trip to Warsaw and our flight home. The ambulances and aid were eagerly await by hard pressed medical units and after a final quick checkout they were working the following day near the front lines in the south.
Drivers on this run were:
  • Joe Mason,
  • Eoin Mason,
  • John O Connor,
  • Joe Power,
  • Mick Mc Kenna,
  • Pat Hickey,
  • Francis O Brien,
  • Tom Walsh,
  • Fergus Walsh,
  • Micheal O Hurley,
  • Philip Harding,
  • Jim Harding.
It was an excellent though arduous journey taking taking many full driving days to get there but also while in some ways an adventure in itself it had an incredible impact in both the drivers and the medical units who in some cases actually cried receiving these badly needed vehicles from the farthest reaches of Europe. All were stunned that we would travel so far to help them with these badly needed vehicles and assure us of their eternal gratitude.
Trip 4 was done in conjunction with the Dublin cbarity Walk. Who provided the vast majority of the Aid