Trip 2

May 2023


Run 2..after making the decision to help the people of Ukraine I had the luck to meet Joe Mason who runs a Cbarity for people with intellectual disabilities and had sent much aid and driven to Ukraine on a number of occasions and we decided to cooperate in trying to combine his aid with my task being to concentrate more on vehicles so we could carry the aid to a Charity he was supplying in Kyiv. Our first venture saw six small vehicles loaded with aid being driven by volunteers who covered all the costs of driving to Ukraine..also a full truck load of medi al aid donated by Fleming Medical which was a huge bonus to hard presses medics being tru ked over separately. members of this run were Pat Leigh. Jim Burke. Pat Hickey.Eoin Mason. Joe Mason with myself.

This run more or less set a pattern from which we learned much about travelling in convoy. Finding accomodation. Food etc etc. The run proved smooth and very enjoyable with both vehicles and aid being donated to the Kyiv Charity which distributed all of it to front line Medical units. Once the donation was done we took the next day around Kyiv seeing a lot of the damage which had happened as the Russian Army closed in on the City.. much ot it can only be described as wonton destruction of which the pi turns only portray a tiny idea. This run confirmed our opinion that this was a highly worthwhile effort and should be repeated as often as funds would allow..

On run 2 we trucked all bar one vehicle to a yard in poland with the exception of one minibus driven by Joe Mason who drove the full journey to Kyiv to allow us to have transport back to krakow where we took flights back to Ireland.