Ukraine really needs your help

Ukraine really needs your help

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About Kilkenny Ukraine

Kilkenny Ukraine are a group gathering vehicles to bring into Ukraine to be handed over to the Ukrainian military for distribution to those most in need.

Ireland as a country may be neutral but the Irish people cannot stand back and see this nation which shares a background eerily similar to our own in terms of famine colonisation and character, defend their country against the worlds second largest military machine without doing everything in our power to help. All the below list is aimed at saving lives, not taking them.

What Kilkenny Ukraine needs and their uses

4WD Vehicles

4wd vehicles will be used to evacuate wounded soldiers out of the battle front to positions where they can be picked up by ambulances, also used to bring food up directly to the quieter frontline areas.


Ambulances will be used to bring wounded from stabilisation centres to hospitals. Scarce ambulances and trained crews cannot afford to go too close to the battlefronts


Generators to supply stabilisation centres with power.

Fire Engines

Fire engines will be sent to areas designated by the military where they are most needed.

Medical Supplies

We will take basically anything, most needed at this time are first aid kits.


Vans -used to distribute food and other humanitarian supplies.


All of the above depend on donations to buy, but anyone willing to donate or source any of the above will be greatly appreciated


In fundraising, management, Administration, and in the end actually driving the vehicles to Ukraine

Our Supporters

The following organisations will verify our authenticity in gathering vehicles and assurance can be given that every cent gathered will be used fully in our effort to purchase vehicles and get these supplied to Ukraine.